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produces curriculum materials with a cultural context. Most of the materials are bilingual storybooks of folktales from other cultures, bilingual audiotapes and accompanying teachers guides. The teacher background essays have been used at St. Mary’s College and other schools as teacher training tools.

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Three folktales from the Philippines, told in English and Tagalog, attempt to explain the inexplicable while passing along cultural images and stimulating the imagination.

Mga Kuwentong Bayan: Folk Stories from the Philippines

Alice Lucas, Editor
In English and Tagalog, 1995, 64 pages, duotone illustrations

Paper (0-936434-89-9) $12.95

Teacher's Guide $5

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Teacher Background Essays

These essays help educators and other professionals understand immigrant and refugee students by explaining the history of countries of origin and cultural traits that can affect classroom behavior. Information promotes positive relationships between school and home. Each essay includes maps, demographic data, immigration trends, resources and references.

  • NEW Asian Indian Children in America: Straddling Two Cultures, Padma Manian, Ph.D., 1997
  • California's Multi-Ethnic Heritage: A Continuing Tradition, Charles Wollenberg, Ph.D., 1994 OUT OF PRINT
  • Cambodians in America: Courageous People from a Troubled Country, Alice Lucas, 1993
  • Central American Immigrant Children in the Classroom, Alex M. Saragoza, Ph.D., 1995
  • Chinese Immigrant Students in the 1990s, Sau-Ling Cynthia Wong, Ph.D. and Miguel Lopez, 1994 OUT OF PRINT
  • An Introduction to the Hmong, Wendy Walker, Ph.D., 2nd printing, 1994
  • Jews from the Former the United States, Steven J. Gold and Mia Tuan, 1993
  • Korean American Immigrants and their Children, Luke I. Kim, M.D. and Grace S. Kim, M.A., 1994 OUT OF PRINT
  • Lakbay: Journey of the People of the Philippines, Jaime Antonio Jacinto and Luis Malay Syquia, 1995
  • Mexican Immigrant Children in American Schools: An Update, Alex M. Saragoza, Ph.D., 1994
  • Vietnamese Students: Changing Patterns, Changing Needs, Chung Hoang Chuong, 1994

Background essays are $5 each; $4 each if five or more are ordered; complete set is available for $40.

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Other Bilingual Folk Tales (Southeast Asian stories in English and original language)

The Magic Crossbow (Vietnamese): In 111 B.C., a princess betrays her father's secret, causing Vietnam to fall to the Chinese. Illustrated 16-page story book, $7.50; bilingual audiocassette, $7.50; teacher's guide, $5; set of 10 books, cassette, guide, $50

Four Champa Trees (Laotian): A king's four sons, slain by an evil queen, return to life as champa trees and avenge their mother's banishment. Illustrated 16-page story book, $7.50; bilingual audiocassette, $7.50; teacher's guide, $5.00; set of 10 books, cassette, guide, $50

The Mountain of the Men and the Mountain of the Women (Cambodian): Young Cambodians compete to decide who should propose marriage, men or women. Illustrated 16-page story book, $7.50; bilingual cassette, $7.50; teacher's guide, $5; set of 10 books, audiocassette, guide, $50

Above three books available as a set, which includes books, audiocassettes and teacher's guides for $40

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Self-Expression Through Dictated Stories

Children's Own Stories, Step-by-step guide to an innovative program for primary grades that encourages self-expression through dictated stories. Particularly effective with children for whom English is a second language. Children create books of their own stories and illustrations to share with family and peers.

Author's Own Stories program element – biographies and interviews with 36 ethnically diverse authors of children's books, including Mavis Jukes, Min Paek, Lucille Clifton, Yoshiko Uchida – helps children understand their connections to published writers.

Children's Own Stories is a proven, successful tool for promoting all children's interest in reading and writing on their own.

Curriculum guide, 112 pages. 31-minute video demonstrates program in action. Book, $20; Video, $55; Book and Video, $4

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New Faces in the Schools: Student-Generated Solutions to Ethnic Conflict, by Karen Jorgensen-Esmaili and Cynthia Stokes Brown, edited by Alice Lucas, Grades 7-12. A New Faces of Liberty Curriculum: For social studies, English, civics and ethnic studies classes. Eight recent immigrant teenagers tell their stories and their perceptions of one another. Presents a strategy for encouraging students to resolve ethnic conflict. Three-ring binder, 110 pages OUT OF PRINT

New Faces of Liberty: A Curriculum for Teaching about Today's Refugees and Immigrants, by Karen Jorgensen-Esmaili, Grades 5-8. Social studies curriculum uses the words of immigrants to present American history as a process of nation-building. Three-ring binder, 116 pages OUT OF PRINT

Through Our Eyes, One and Two, A journal of youth writing and art with high-interest, illustrated stories, poems, essays and screenplays that promote reading and model good writing. For middle school and older.

Issue One: 22 powerful pieces by immigrant students create a window on their lives. 56 pages OUT OF PRINT

Issue Two: 16 personal reflections on family life attest to the diversity of today's students. 32 pages OUT OF PRINT

A teacher's guide provides strategies for using the journal in the classroom and making assignments that encourage thoughtful written responses.