Journalism Awards

First-place award for page design, S.F. Peninsula Press Club, August 2014

Awards for the Central City Extra

Society of Professional Journalists

2016    John Burks, “I can still hear it,” arts and culture
2013    Tom Carter, “Birds of a feather,” feature story
2011    Extra staff, community journalism
2009    Geoff Link, unsung hero


Peninsula/San Francisco Press Club

3rd place, Lise Stampfli, “Twitter Tax Break,” editorial cartoon

3rd place, John Burks, “I can still hear it,” feature light
3rd place, Mark Hedin, “New super smack,” news story
3rd place, Lise Stampfli, “Naloxone,” editorial cartoon
3rd place, Tom Carter, Paul Dunn, “TL: Diverse City”

1st place, Lise Stampfli, page design
3rd place, overall excellence, nondaily
1st place, Mark Hedin, “Gentrified,” news story
1st place, Paul Dunn, “Farmers on the roof,” feature light nature
2nd place, Mark Hedin, “Tax-break tech hiring a bust in Tenderloin” business tech story
2nd place, Mark Hedin, “Disabled snubbed by Sidecar, Uber, Lyft,” news story
2nd place, Marjorie Beggs, “Homeless to healthy,” feature story/specialty
3rd place, Paul Dunn, “1,100 kids missing,” photo series

2nd place, overall excellence, nondaily
3rd place, Tom Carter Tenderloin Stars series
1st place, Jon Newman, “It’s a shoe-in,” feature of light nature
1st place, Jon Newman, “Free food for sale,” feature of serious nature
3rd place, Ed Bowers, “Poet’s Tenderloin Tour,” analysis
3rd place, Tom Carter, “Diabetes central,” specialty story
1st place, Geoff Link, “No ifs, ands or butts” headline
2nd place, Geoff Link, “Free food for sale,” headline

2nd, Tom Carter, “Toilets in TL,” series
2nd, Marjorie Beggs, “Internet limbo,” business/technology
3rd, Geoff Link, “Free toilet costs over $5 flush,” headline

2nd place, Lenny Limjoco, Candidates for supe, page design
3rd place, Tom Carter, Marjorie Beggs and others, “Home sweet SRO,” serious nature
2nd, Tom Carter, “Lunchtime for seniors,” light nature

2nd place, Obits
1st place,  Heidi Swillinger, “Information gap,” news story
2nd place, Tom Carter, “Robbery roulette,” series
2nd place, Tom Carter, “Landmark McDonald’s Bookstore Evicted,” business story
1st place, Marjorie Beggs, “SF vs. tobacco,” specialty

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