How to become fiscally sponsored by the Study Center

San Francisco Study Center, a fiscal sponsor since 1975, accepts projects that help the community. Study Center’s mission, to help nonprofits succeed, utilizes fiscal sponsorship as the main means to accomplish our mission.

If your project can enrich the community it serves, and needs a fiscal sponsor to do so, contact us.

Study Center does not require prospective projects to already have big money in the bank. A charitable undertaking that meets a need in the community, and a realistic plan for making it happen, can get the process started.

The projects Study Center sponsors receive comprehensive financial management services and administrative support that enables them to hit the ground running:

  • Tax-deductibility for donors under Study Center’s 501(c)(3)
  • Accounting and tax reporting and monthly financial reports
  • Bookkeeping with check writing for all expenses
  • Payroll and human resources for your employees. This includes full health benefits and comprehensive personnel policies
  • Insurance — general liability, workers’ comp, professional liability and other insurance all at cost

Study Center is here to help our projects succeed.  Ask for what you need and we will do our best to hellp you get it.

How to Apply

If you want Study Center to be your fiscal sponsor, email Executive Director Geoff Link at Briefly describe your service, explain why it is needed, tell how you will provide it, and have a line-item budget and funding strategy. This opens the discussion. The next step is to answer our 10-question Fiscal Sponsorship Questionnaire, which can lead to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).


The Study Center publishes Gregory Colvin’s seminal handbook, the standard text for fiscal sponsorship.

Looking for a fiscal sponsor?

Contact the Study Center about your new project today.