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”Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways To Do It Right,“ 3rd Edition

Gregory L. Colvin is joined by colleague Stephanie L. Petit in this expanded, new edition that includes Model L.

Columbia Foundation

Grantees, staff and trustees, interviewed for this narrative report, help define the organizational and grantmaking history of one of San Francisco’s oldest, most progressive family foundations, which closed in 2013 after 73 years.

Grants for the Arts

This narrative retrospective details the work of the nation’s oldest, most successful government funder of arts and cultural organizations, which made 7,500 grants worth more than $300 million in its first 50 years.

12 Years a Slave

This package for teachers, published by Zellerbach Family Fund, included book-length excerpts from the narrative of the freed slave Solomon Northup, three audio tapes of selected excerpts and a guide for using those materials.

Central City Extra

San Francisco Study Center staff from 2000 to 2017 published the prize-winning community newspaper of San Francisco’s Tenderloin, its residents and the issues that affected them.

SF Arts Master Plan

The 2006 plan, in three languages, is an eight-year roadmap for revitalizing education by capturing the city’s diverse cultural and artistic energy, and making arts education equitable and accessible to all students.

In a Day's Work

Interviews with four child welfare workers in California capture their day-to-day professional challenges as they go about their jobs in rural, urban and suburban locales, trying, against discouraging odds, to keep children from harm.

SFUSD Arts Festival

The district’s annual weeklong event, held in one of the city’s pre-eminent museums, celebrates student creativity, and includes examples of visual, performing, media and literary arts from 7,500 students of all ages.

Creative Work Fund

The Fund, a program of the Walter and Elise Haas Fund, annually invites Bay Area artists and collaborating nonprofit organizations to submit grant proposals for media, performing, literary, visual and traditional arts projects.

Breaking Silence

San Joaquin Delta College students participated in writing workshops to “break the silence” on mental health issues on their campus and submitted their essays for this journal, published by Ethnic Media Services.

Death in the Tenderloin

Life stories of 99 residents who died in San Francisco’s historic, lowest-income neighborhood were selected from obituaries published in Central City Extra.
50 years of nonprofit publishing

San Francisco Study Center was founded as a journalistic enterprise on the premise that news is a community service. Our earliest publications were a City Hall newsletter and “Understanding San Francisco’s Budget,” aids to organizers at the dawn of the neighborhood movement.

Over the years, fiscal sponsorship assumed greater significance to Study Center’s operations, but staff continued to produce special reports for private foundations, create curriculum materials for public school classrooms, research and write manuals and directories of community services, publish books for nonprofit managers, design foundations’ annual reports, produce milestone materials for government agencies and, for 16 years, publish Central City Extra, a prize-winning monthly newspaper for the Tenderloin.

Study Center Press and Many Cultures Publishing are our imprints. Publishing highlights include: “Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways to Do It Right,” “Death In the Tenderloin,” “12 Years a Slave” classroom package, “Poetry and History of the Chinese on Angel Island: 1900 to 1940,” and San Francisco Unified School District’s Arts Master Plan in Chinese and Spanish as well as English.


Study Center Press

Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways to Do It Right, 3rd Edition, 2019

Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways to Do It Right, 2nd Edition, 2005
Central City Extra, monthly newspaper for the Tenderloin, 2000-17
Death in the Tenderloin, 99 obituaries from Central City Extra, 2012
21 Poems for the 21 Club, poetry of Ed Bowers,  2010
Help, directory of San Francisco health and human services agencies, 2009
Art of Recreation Therapy, by Ann Argé Nathan, 2002
A Principal’s Story, efforts to turn around  low-performing Edison Middle School, by Ken Romines, 1997
In a Day’s Work, profiles of four California child welfare workers, by Marjorie Beggs, design by Lenny Limjoco, 1996
Innovative Services Monograph Series, 16 health and social services monographs, by Marjorie Beggs, 1985-98

Publications for Public Agencies, Private Foundations and Other Nonprofits

Breaking Silence, San Joaquin Delta College Students on Depression, for Ethnic Media Services, 2018
Columbia Foundation: A Family’s Vision 1940-2013, sunset report, by Marjorie Beggs, 2017
Grants for the Arts: The First 50 Years, history of city-funded arts support, by Marjorie Beggs, 2011, Annual Report 2019
San Francisco Unified School District Arts Festival, annual festival materials, 2007-present
San Francisco Unified School District Arts Master Plan, published in English, Spanish and Chinese editions, 2007-08
Funding Social Change, by Ron Clement, Haigh-Scatena Foundation, 2006
Creative Community Index, report from Cultural Initiatives Silicon Valley, by John Kreidler and Philip Trounstine, 2005
Cultural Competence Promotion in Threshold Languages for San Francisco Behavioral Health Service, 
Small Grants, Big Differences
, by Marjorie Beggs, David and Lucile Packard Foundation Community 2000 Initiative report, 2004
Breaking Down Barriers to Service, for The California Endowment, 2004
Diverse Destinations, 10 self-guided city cultural itineraries, for San Francisco Grants for the Arts and Chamber of Commerce, 2001-08
Serving Families; Stronger Together; Vision and Voice: Parent Leadership Institute; and Leaders for Change, training and participant manuals for involving families in their children’s education, for Parent Services Project, 1997-2013
Creative Work Fund, a program of the Walter and Elise Haas Fund, biannual arts application guidelines, 2000-2020
InvAsian, 66 stories and poems by young women, for Asian Women United, 2000
The Community Builder, bilingual newsletters for Community 2000 Initiative,  David and Lucile Packard Foundation’s neighborhood regranting program, 1999-2001
Annual reports, Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, 1999-2007
Active Voice, discussion guides to accompany public-interest documentaries, 1999-2011
Annual Reports, Zellerbach Family Fund, designed by Wolfgang Lederer, 1992-98
Teen AIDS: In Focus, teachers discussion guide to accompany 16-minute video, for S.F. Department of Public Health and S.F. Unified School District, 1989
Five-Year Report, Columbia Foundation, designed by Wolfgang Lederer, 1988
Moral Choices, A Religious Perspective by Rabbi Joseph Asher, designed by Wolfgang Lederer, 1984
With Silk Wings, for Asian Women United, 1983
It’s Your Choice, cardiovascular health teaching manual for high schools, by Shirley Hazlett, 1983
Angel Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island, by Him Mark Lai, Genny Lim and Judy Yung, 1980
Growing Up Healthy, kindergarten health curriculum by Shirley Hazlett, S.F. Unified School District, 1978

Many Cultures Publishing, with Zellerbach Family Fund

Mga Kuwentong Bayan: Folk Stories from the Philippines, in English and Tagalog, illustrations by Carl Angel, design by Lenny Limjoco, 1995
Through Our Eyes, quarterly journal of youth writing and art, 1996
Bilingual Folk Tales and teachers guides, in English, Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian, 1994
Teacher Background Essays, series for educators working with immigrants from 10 countries, 1993-97
12 Years a Slave, with teachers guide containing Thurgood Marshall essay and 1789 slave petition to Congress, 1991
Children’s Own Stories, storytelling dictation program for primary grade students, by Lynn Landor, 1990
Moral Choices, A Religious Perspective, by Rabbi Joseph Asher, part of Zellerbach Family Fund’s Issues Arising series, 1984
New Faces in the Schools: Student-Generated Solutions to Ethnic Conflict, 1980s
New Faces of Liberty: A Curriculum for Teachers, 1980s
Word Weaving, A Storytelling Workbook, 1980, and Word Weaving, A Guide to Storytelling, 1983, by Catherine Horne Farrell


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“We thank you for your outstanding eagle eye and overall editorial prowess during our annual report project. Without you, our report would be simply satisfactory rather than stunning.” — Staff of Grants for the Arts, San Francisco

“The article [in the Central City Extra] was beautifully written and very moving. … I was surprised to see more people recognizing my face around the neighborhood. It showed me that people were still reading your newspaper and it does have an impact in our neighborhood.” — Thanh Quoc Nguyen