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Study Center is a leader in the evolving field of fiscal sponsorship, committed to the success of the projects we sponsor by providing these services:

  • Tax-deductibility for donors under Study Center’s 501(c)(3)
  • Accounting, tax reporting and monthly financial reports
  • Bookkeeping with checkwriting for all project expenses
  • Medical and dental benefits and personnel policies for employees
  • General liability insurance and workers’ comp, with professional liability and other insurance all at cost
  • Consultation and feedback on program, budget, funding strategy and proposals
  • Management of preapproved grants and donations (Model C fiscal sponsorship) for most out-of-state projects
  • Editorial and graphics, publications production and promotion

Learn how to apply Study Center also provides the nonprofit sector with two significant resources in the field of fiscal sponsorship:

Study Center — trusted, local service provider, builds community one program at a time.
 Study Center’s deep experience in community building begins with our fiscally sponsoring privately funded projects. We also serve as fiscal intermediary for city-funded programs, largely in health, behavioral health, housing and community development. And our editorial and design staff produce reports and educational materials for foundations, public and private agencies, and other nonprofits, as well as for our privately funded projects.

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