Study Center's fiscally sponsored projects

San Francisco Study Center’s first sponsored project in 1975 taught us that a fiscal sponsor can be both mentor and partner in building capacity in community startups of all kinds. Our interests are broad, and the process of finding out if we are a good fit with your project is uncomplicated: Describe your project clearly, document why it’s needed, and tell us what local agencies, institutions, potential clients or constituents support your idea. We may be able to help you realize it.

In addition to Study Center’s privately funded fiscal sponsor projects, we are an intermediary for dozens of city-funded programs, largely in health, behavioral health, housing and community development.

Some current projects

“A Sound Life”

A Sound Life,” a short documentary film by Kristin Sherman Olnes, follows Richard Beggs’ 40-year career creating motion picture soundtracks, which grew from his interest in painting, and listening to and recording music. Intended for a general audience as well as media studies students, the film includes behind-the-scenes footage and candid interviews with Beggs’ sound design colleagues, directors and other award-winning film professionals. Olnes expects to complete the film in 2020. Poster Chester Olnes   DONATE

The American College of Clinical Documentation Outcomes

The American College of Clinical Documentation Outcomes is devoted to promoting meaningful use of certified electronic health record technology to achieve greater patient-centric health outcomes, focused on prevention, wellness and evidence-based care. ACCDO serves nonprofit organizations, academic institutions and local communities, hosts meaningful conversations with physicians, clinicians and patients about becoming involved, and creates meaningful connections and educational materials for improving 21st century clinical care.   DONATE

Amigos Internationales for Multilingualism

Amigos Internationales for Multilingualism is a grassroots group of parents, educators and advocates who aim to start a Spanish-French-English immersive language program in the San Francisco Unified School District so our city’s children can study, work or live anywhere in North America. Spanish is the most widely taught foreign language in the United States in K-12, and French is the second, according to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. We are in talks with SFUSD officials, civic leaders and businesspeople to bring our vision to life. Pictured are parent LaTanya Johnson and her daughter Ziani Brown. Photo courtesy Amigos Internationales   DONATE

AND Architecture+Community Planning

AND Architecture+Community Planning provides architectural design, planning and engagement services for community-based nonprofits, lower-income, and underserved communities by starting with the neighborhood and organizational priorities and needs first. Excelsior Family Connections, a meeting place and social services site, is a recent project. All projects begin a process that engages those who are involved or affected by the project as co-designers. We advocate and educate for spatial equality that supports justice and human dignity.   DONATE

Bill Sorro Housing Program

Bill Sorro Housing Program helps highly vulnerable members of the community find stable housing and advocates to prevent their displacement. Inspired by activist Bill Sorro, BiSHoP supports low-income individuals, families, immigrants, veterans, seniors, people with disabilities, LGBTQ and others with services that include outreach for affordable housing, application assistance, tenant counseling, housing case management, drop-in clinics, and housing education and workshops such as this one at Bayanihan Community Center in May 2018. Photo courtesy BiSHoP   DONATE

California LGBT Tobacco Education Partnership

California LGBT Tobacco Education Partnership uses education and advocacy to counteract the negative effects of tobacco use on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied communities. Partnership members work with California’s elected officials to resist tobacco industry donations, advocate for reduced availability of tobacco products in pharmacies, encourage smoke-free LGBT events and more. CiggyButtz, pictured here, attends many of the Partnership’s outreach efforts. Photo courtesy of the Partnership   DONATE

Castro Community Meeting Room

Castro Community Meeting Room is a private meeting space in the Castro where nonprofit neighborhood and community groups can hold meetings and other smaller events. The space, with a capacity of 40-50 people, is in a convenient, safe, culturally competent and welcoming location that is affordable and accessible for those with mobility issues. It’s used primarily by groups with regularly scheduled meetings and is less suited for one-time use.   DONATE

Center for Social Isolation Remedies

Center for Social Isolation Remedies’ mission is to connect with the isolated and bring them into community. Founder Helen Rivas-Rose experienced decades of 24/7 shyness, but learned that while social isolation is widespread and its causes vary greatly, all cases share healing remedies. With support, social isolation can be overcome. CSIR’s goal is to help this population and their families, educate others about the nature of isolation, and encourage sufferers and their loved ones to seek help in healing from this debilitating condition.  DONATE

Empowering Youth with Disabilities

Empowering Youth with Disabilities  Adults with disabilities mentor San Francisco public middle and high school students with disabilities. EDY’s mission is to improve students’ academic skills and their social skills as they interact with others, both those with and without disabilities. Pictured are EYD Project Leader Ivana Kirola, left, and mentor Sharon Jones. Photo Courtesy Empowering Youth with Disabilities   DONATE

Ethnic Media Services

Ethnic Media Services  Founded in 2018 following the closure of New America Media, Ethnic Media Services works to strengthen the ethnic media sector and youth communications in underserved communities. In an EMS program, San Joaquin Delta College students participated in writing workshops to “break the silence” on mental health issues on their campus. Their stories were published in “Breaking Silence,” which Study Center staff edited and designed.   DONATE

Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco

Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco HRC offers free drop-in and call-in counseling for San Francisco tenants in rent-controlled units and public and Section 8 housing. It advocates for tenants, sponsors workshops and community meetings, and organizes entire buildings to fight against displacement and evictions, such as this 2015 rally in the Mission District. Photo Courtesy Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco   DONATE

India Currents

India Currents is a community media platform devoted to exploring the heritage and culture of India as it exists in the diaspora. It covers a wide range of subjects of interest — heritage arts, Bollywood, literature, travel, food, health and wellness. Founded in 1987, India Currents published a monthly magazine for 32 years before going fully digital. It has deep roots in the community and unparalleled reach into the Indian American community.   DONATE

Josie’s Place

Josie’s Place  For Bay Area children and teens mourning the death of a parent, sibling, close relative or friend, Josie’s Place offers activities — like creating this Day of the Dead altar — and peer-support groups that give young people a safe place to express their feelings and grieve. Photo Laurel Braitman   DONATE

KLSN Radio

KLSN, a nonprofit community radio station serving East Contra Costa County, started broadcasting in March 2017, and was nominated for “2017 Rock Radio Station” for the Northern California Entertainers Music Awards. KLSN provides training opportunities for high school and college students and local adult residents interested in community-based radio. Broadcast content includes classic rock music, local news, local community event announcements, and live high school sports.   DONATE

Lapis Island Records

Lapis Island Records is a composer- and artist-led independent record label featuring the music of Peter Scott Lewis and the finest instrumental musicians and vocalists. Based in San Francisco, Lapis Island label is widely distributed by The Orchard/Sony Music for digital products (worldwide), and Alliance Entertainment and City Hall Records for physical products. Outlets include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ArkivMusic, Apple Music, Spotify, eMusic, Rhapsody, HD Tracks, YouTube, Pandora, Play Music and many others.   DONATE

Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association (MDNA)

Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association (MDNA), founded in August 2005, focuses on preserving the historic resources, such as Mission Dolores Chapel, in San Francisco’s oldest residential area, the Mission Dolores Neighborhood, a sub-area of The Mission, and has been instrumental in saving many of them from demolition. In addition to preservation efforts, the Association monitors land use to ensure appropriate restoration, contributes to the quality of design of new buildings by conferring with developers and architects, and supports the city’s efforts to green and beautify the neighborhood, as well as the arts. Photo courtesy MDNA   DONATE

Peace Club

Peace Club  Hosting a health fair, volunteering at a food bank or belting out karaoke, pictured here, gives San Francisco International High School student Peace Club members opportunities to practice English, make new friends, understand different cultures and celebrate diversity. Photo Courtesy Peace Club   DONATE

San Francisco Mental Health Clients Rights Advocates

San Francisco Mental Health Clients Rights Advocates provides expressed-wish assistance for anyone receiving mental health services from the city’s network of publicly funded providers. Advocates mediate on behalf clients or in partnership with them, investigate complaints about rights abuses, and educate providers and clients about mental health rights as delineated in the law. MHCRA functions independently of any provider authority or oversight, and all contacts are confidential.   DONATE

Terry’s Kids

Terry’s Kids  Free music programs — performances, concerts, clinics and lessons — help shape Bay Area students’ abilities, encourage discipline and engage them in the joy of music, especially in locales where budget cuts have eliminated music from their curriculum. The project also supports four children’s music troupes in Cuba, including Clave de Sol, pictured here. Photo Courtesy of Terry’s Kids   DONATE

YAH! (Yes to Affordable Housing!)

YAH! (Yes to Affordable Housing!) is trying change the way we talk about housing in the Bay Area so that equity, justice and affordability are front and center. Through educational outreach and community-building events such as this Upzoning & Housing Justice panel, it advocates for more equitable and affordable housing and brings people together to learn, build relationships, and take action for housing justice and progressive land use policy.   DONATE

Other Study Center fiscally sponsored projects

Bayview-Hunters Point Community Advocates   DONATE
Belmont PTO   DONATE
Castro Community Meeting Room   DONATE

Types of projects the Study Center will sponsor

  • Arts and culture
  • Children, youth and families
  • Drug treatment
  • Economic development
  • Education
  • Environment/sustainable growth
  • Festivals and events
  • Health/nutrition
  • Mental health
  • Political advocacy/social justice
  • Public health
  • Social services
  • Transportation
  • Women
  • Youth development
  • Publications